Scientists from Stanford University have developed a test that will tell you exactly when you parted with a partner

Scientists from Stanford University have developed a test that will tell you exactly when you parted with a partner

According to psychologists, the period of love for most couples, on average, lasts a year and a half. And according to disappointing statistics, more than 60% of marriages in developed countries end in divorce. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost every person in a relationship once asked the question “What if we break up once?”. Michael Rosenfeld, a Stanford sociologist who began his research in 2009, became interested in the same question. He watched three thousand couples for more than seven years to find out why and when lovers break up and what influences this decision. was interesting research conducted by a scientist from Stanford, and we decided on the basis of it to prepare for you a test that will determine exactly when you will part with your partner (and whether you will leave).


As a result of the study, Michael identified four main issues that really reveal the chances of a long-term relationship. They may seem elementary at first glance, but in fact they touch on key points. You should sincerely answer the questions and count your points. Results — at the end of the article.

1. You together already:

  • up to a year — 1 point;
  • 1-5 years old — 2 points;
  • 5 years or more — 3 points.

2. Are you married or not?

  • not married — 2 points;
  • Married — 3 points.

3. You can say your relationship:

  • normal — 1 point;
  • good — 2 points;
  • excellent — 3 points.

4. You and your partner earn together:

  • up to $ 2000 per month — 1 point;
  • up to $ 5000 per month — 2 points;
  • $ 5000 and more — 3 points.


From 5 to 7 points

The probability of 50% that you leave your partner in a year. Over 60% of that gap will occur in two years. And with an 80 percent chance, the relationship will end in five years.

From 8 to 9 points

In the coming year you will not have serious quarrels with your loved one, both partners are satisfied with the relationship. However, the probability of parting and the fact that love will pass in five years, grows to 60%.

From 10 to 12 points

Your union is durable, and mutual understanding reigns in relations. The probability of rupture in five years reaches only 5%.

Explanation in terms of research

The study has obvious patterns. For example, marriage is a strong link. For couples, the probability of a break is reduced from 3% for those who have been together for five years, to less than 1% for those who have lived together for at least 20 years. On the other hand, unmarried couples have a much higher level of possibility of separation, even if they have been together for more than 20 years.

60% of unmarried couples who were together for less than two months during the first wave of Rosenfeld’s research did not occur when he studied them again the following year. After a year of relationships, the likelihood that they will end begins to fall sharply. For the first five years, this figure drops by about 10% and continues to fall to about 15 years.

How to noticed Rosenfeld in 2014:“ The longer a couple stays together, the more obstacles she overcomes, the more time and effort loving people invest in relationships together and the more they are connected to each other. ”

“One of the most important things that I learned from people’s stories about my love is how difficult romantic stories can be,” the professor concluded.

Do you agree with the test results? Share your love story with us.

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