15 Secrets Men Will Rarely Ever Tell You

15 Secrets Men Will Rarely Ever Tell You

Men are interesting specimens of human beings as they are ever ready to help out a damsel in distress and can look extremely handsome with beards. They are huge football fans too. But, this characterization of men is what most girls believe them to be like. What many don’t know is that men too have their worries, problems, fears, desires and emotions too but there are certain things that men never share and will painfully keep to themselves. Here are some such secrets that men will never really tell you about:

1Sometimes they need moments of doing absolutely nothing

As strange as it seems, there are times when men do not want to be the decision maker and are not comfortable with being the head of things and are not willing to be responsible for the consequences. In fact, they would love to enjoy some peace and quiet moments all to themselves every now and then.

2 They don’t exactly notice trifles

The fact that men always think globally is one that you need to accept and it would be best not to make them pay too much attention to the smallest of details. Women should sometimes follow their example and not pay heed to trifles often. However, this only takes the joy out of the situation as a whole.


3Their mind can be put at ease with nonsensical thoughts

It’s actually pretty interesting to know that thoughts of providing for their family or how to pay the mortgage or even saving the world- stuff like that do not exactly occupy the minds of men. As it turns out, they more often than not think of nonsensical stuff which is of no significance at all.

4Men do have fears

Modern society has thrust upon men a heroic image which they have to involuntarily live up to. Thus, they are always compelled to keep a straight face in any and every situation which is rather difficult for them as they too fear the unknown as much as anyone else. In this regards, they always tend to doubt their decisions and constantly worry about stuff

5They tend to appraise every woman who passes them

Any pretty lady passing by will be appraised and stared at by men. They tend to always evaluate women, and as such mankind exists because of this very tendency of men to judge women by their looks, which makes him selectively determine the best one to be the mother of his children. There is no way he can avoid this tendency as it is deeply engraved in his very nature.

6They would like it if you would support them

Emotional support is important for anyone, anywhere, and very much for men as much it is for women. The emotional stress that arises from the hectic pace of everyday life in these times can weigh heavily on men too. It makes no difference if you are male or female if you are emotionally distressed, emotional support will be the only remedy for you.

7They like confident women

While men are often attracted to looks, many a time’s men may choose an overly curvaceous girl with a charismatic personality over a top model, who might be having confidence issues. This is probably because men tend to perceive women as they do themselves and this makes a self-assuring woman seem all the more attractive.

8They feel lost when asked a tricky question

When women ask questions like- “do I look fat”? While they maintain a scorching look on an otherwise sad face, men absolutely hate answering such bewildering questions. Even if a dress makes a girl look bigger, a man would only reply with a compliment, as it is the safest possible answer in such a situation

9There is stuff they can’t afford

Men hate accepting failures as they have a very competitive nature. For instance, when they are drinking at a bar they will most likely compare themselves with their friends. The point is that no matter what a man will never let his girlfriend know that he cannot afford


10They get jealous too

Even if a guy sees his girlfriend flirting with another man he will never express his jealousy openly. Although, inside him it’s a different story, as he may be just boiling with jealousy while maintaining a calm and cool demeanor.

11They appreciate compliments

While tradition suggests that men are usually the ones to give compliments, they nevertheless love to hear praises too. When they receive warm looks and words of affection a lot changes for them. For example, if you compliment his outfit when he meets you, it really assures him of the fact that his time was not wasted in choosing the right outfit before coming out to meet you.

12There is a reason as to why they leave

When a man is interested he will never leave. There is always a reason behind his actions. So, if he ever leaves a girl he felt good with, he could not have done it at once because such a girl held a special place in his heart.

13They sometimes like girly stuff

When a man’s skin and nails appear smooth and neatly cut and filed, it is an indication that he takes care of himself, a quality which women really do find attractive in a man. Sometimes, men like to sit back and relax and watch women’s TV shows. It’s just that they are really good at hiding these behaviors of theirs because other guys wouldn’t understand such stuff

14They might secretly like your friend or sister

If you have a friend or a sister who might be a bit more attractive than you may be, then your man will be sure to notice it. Although, he may never admit it or ever say it out loud, but he could definitely be attracted to her. Your love doesn’t necessarily make him blind towards other girls, you know.

15There are thing he won’t know to do

To impress a woman, it is very important to man up in front of them and take on any job or tasks which don’t exactly guarantee any chances of success. However, the need to appear smart, strong, and capable in front of their lady is a must, even if it means fixing the hair dryer when they have absolutely no idea how to.

As you know now, men are quite afraid to express or say such things out loud and probably will never let you come to know that they harbor such qualities. Just remember, that their heart needs love as much as anyone else’s does.

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